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Tradition, sincerity and good taste

Great care is taken with each dish. Simplicity and approachability are our best ally, because we believe that to enjoy food, there is no need for complications. All we need is good fresh ingredients from our market gardens and the sea, and make the most of what is on offer in the different seasons and apply the knowledge acquired from our mothers and grandmothers.

Our history helps us serve up our present. You are sure to feel at home in our restaurant where you will discover the subtleties and the good of a job well done, of the time spent cooking at a low temperature.

  • Pedro

    Our model and the promoter of this project.

    Just come and book a table. We shall be delighted to fulfil your expectations and even go beyond them. That’s my daily task. Take my word for it.

  • Mari

    In the kitchen, loving care at the cooker.

    My job is this kitchen. Thanks to this project, I have been able to achieve my own personal dream so I am obviously going to put all my effort into ensuring the quality of everything that comes out of this kitchen. I am delighted to be able to place my culinary skills at your disposal. You are very welcome.

  • Oscar

    The bar, my work is more than that.

    I have been working behind the bar for a very long time. I have travelled a lot and that has helped me to improve and make suggestions. My values are approachability and sincerity. We are a part of the neighbourhood that is open to the world.

  • Alberto

    Bar, implication in service.

    We know how to give our best and the best of the products we serve. You’re sure to take something good away with you.

  • Pili

    Kitchen, for us cooking is being honest and having fun.

    Our daily business is simple. That can be seen in our dishes. We cook what we are familiar with and what we serve is well-served. Our good service is backed up by 25 years of cooking.

  • Pilar

    It is a joy to share every day with all of you.

    The good atmosphere (family-like) and our approachability are reflected in how we prepare each order, and serve each lunch or dinner. The truth is we know how to cook, we enjoy it and, on top of that, we are rewarded by smiles of satisfaction.